Frequenlty Asked Questions & Rules


True Proprietary Funds Kft. is a registered company in Hungary. We put all our skills into the company to provide you with the best conditions possible. Our team is working hard to become one of the most trusted prop firm in the industry.

No! We are not a broker, we operate only as a proprietary trading firm. 

Our Program is focused on traders who don’t have the necessary capital for trading. In addition trading our company’s capital can drastically change your current performance. Once you pass, you never need to risk your own capital. This can change your psychological attitude and help you reach consistent trading.

After choosing one (or more) of our offered accounts, you need to sign up and pay the fees. Once it’s all done we’ll shortly get in touch with you in email, including all the credentials to your trading account. However, you can also access all of the login information in your dashboard under “My Account”.

Our maximum capital allocation is $400,000/trader or strategy. Traders can have up to $400,000 in balance before scaling up. You can complete our Evaluation Program with one or more accounts. The combination of the account sizes does not matter as long as they do not exceed our maximum capital. You are free to run multiple accounts separately in the Evaluation process and when Funded it is possible to merge them into one Master account.

As we don’t have minimum trading days, you can get funded as fast as you passed both Phases of our Evaluation Program. 

After we sent your 80% profit share True Proprietary Funds Kft. is in no case responsible for your tax. You need to deal with your taxes on your own according to your country’s laws and tax regulations. 

You can choose between MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

cTrader is under development, it will be added soon. 

We monitor all of your trades, you can check our Account Analyzer in your dashboard. 

We offer ICMarkets as our reliable broker with spreads starting from 0.0 pips.

14 days after your first trade is placed on your Funded Trader account, you are entitled to your 80% profit split. In this period you need to trade normal at least for 5 days. If you didn’t trade for 5 days, your payout will be your next available bi-weekly date. We will contact traders a few days before the payout for information conciliation. Payouts are processed the same day. If you don’t wish to withdraw your profit in 14 days you can continue trading on your trading account until your next profit split. If you don’t have any profits at the time of the withdrawal, your trading period will automatically be extended.

You can request a payout by  bank transfer or cryptocurrency.

We do not charge any commissions for withdrawals. 

We try to keep our Funded Traders motivated. Successful traders are entitled to an initial deposit increase of 25% every 3 months. Our criterion is 2 months out of 3 needs to be profitable. Traders need to profit 8% altogether in 3 months. There is no upside scaling limit in our scaling plan. 

We provide you with 1:100 leverage. 


We set two different loss limits. Max Daily Loss(5%) and Max Overall Loss(10%).


When calculating loss limits, floating losses and profits are included. Also spreads, swaps and commissions are included.


Max Overall Loss means your equity can not decline more than 10% of your initial deposit. Max Overall Loss is predetermined for the entire duration of the trading period.

For example:

• On a $100,000 account, your equity can not fall below $90,000.


Max Daily Loss means your starting equity for the day at 0:00 CET can not decline more than 5% of your initial deposit under the given day. Max Daily Loss is always set for a 24 hour period starting and ending at midnight/0:00 CET (Central Europen Time). How is it calculated? We check your equity at 0:00 CET and it can not decline more than 5% of your initial deposit during one day.


Few examples on a $100,000 account:

• If you make $3,000 profits (closed or floating) in one day, then your profits will be added to your Max Daily Loss. You can risk your daily allowed drawdown of $5,000 + $3,000 (profit) = $8,000 altogether until 0:00 CET. Your Maximum Daily Loss will reset back to $5,000 after 0:00 CET.

• If you lose $3,000 (closed or floating) in one day, then your losses will be extracted from your Max Daily Loss. In this case, you can risk $2,000 altogether until 0:00 CET as it is calculated from your daily allowed drawdown of
$5,000 – $3,000 (loss). Your Maximum Daily Loss will reset back to $5,000 from 0:00 CET.


You can monitor your Today’s Permitted Loss in your client dashboard. It updates in real-time.

You don’t have minimum trading days. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the Evaluation Program or you are already our Funded Trader.

However, our maximum trading days in Phase 1 is 30 days and in Phase 2 it’s 60 days.

Your trading period begins when you receive your Login Credentials.

Funded Trader accounts don’t have any day restrictions.

Traders need to profit 8% in Phase 1 and 4% in Phase 2 without violating loss limits.

All your positions need to be closed to advance to the next phase.

You are allowed to use EAs or bots only IF it is trading according to live conditions. Please read our Terms and Conditions Section 6 and 7. 

Please keep in mind, if you use a third-party EA, you potentially run the risk, that other funded traders use the exact same EA, and if the total capital of the strategy exceeds $400,000, your Funded Trader account will be canceled. 

You can open or close positions during main macroeconomic events.

You are allowed to use Limit Orders (Buy Limits and Sell Limits), open trades Manually or use Stop Losses, Take Profits, during the news on any phases.

However, there is one exception, that you can not trade news with Stop Orders (including Buy Stops and Sell Stops) on the Funded Trader account.

Why? During a volatile event, on a demo account, you can get perfect execution, but when we copy it to our capital, because of the volatility we can not fill the order on your requested price due to the slippage and the delay of the trade copier. It is possible that you realized profit, but we made a loss in live conditions.

Traders are allowed to hold positions over the weekend.

You are not allowed to use robots that take advantage of demo conditions. Tick scalping, arbitrage bots – reverse arbitrage – latency arbitrage – hedge arbitrage, or any emulators are prohibited.

Using external data feed to monitor gaps in the market and fill your position(s) on the price where no price is available is prohibited, this contradicts how trading is performed in the real world of the forex market.

Simultaneously opening positions in opposite directions on different accounts is prohibited.

If you used any of the mentioned strategies above, your account will be canceled and you are not eligible for a refund.

We ask you to trade according to live conditions.

For further information, please read our Terms and Conditions sections 6 and 7.

You can get new chances free of charge if at the end of your trading period, your account balance (including equity) is positive and you didn’t violate our loss limits. This counts on both phases. If the same happens with your second chance account, you will get your new account again, free of charge.

If your accounts balance (including equity) is less than your initial deposit at the end of the trading period, you are not entitled to any refund of your paid fees.

After successfully passing our Evaluation Program, you’ll get your refund with your first Profit Split. 

Profit Split occurs at the end of your trading period if your balance is positive. We’ll contact you a few days before your payout via email. After submitting your payout information, we send your 80% profit share on the same day of your payout date.

As long as you don’t violate any of our loss limits, you are eligible to trade on your simulated account connected to our company’s capital. 

You are allowed to trade every forex pair, indices, energies, metals, futures, bonds, commodities, cryptocurrencies and oil. 

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If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us.